The Q Series

‘The Q Series’, which is a series of short fictional stories you can read more about here.

The Q Series..

Q ‘Does Good’

*Flashback* Q shrieked. She was being chased by monsters. Grubby, little, giggling monsters. She ran as fast as she could (okay – it was more of a light jog) to get away from them. But alas, they got her. They grabbed her clothes and climbed on top of her until everyone amalgamated into a giant, muddy […]

Q Tube: Part II

She’d finally made it. It only took twice as long as she had initially planned, but she was finally here. Q took a quick second to appreciate what she’d done: trekking across a foreign, lonely city is not the easiest thing to do after all. She smiled to herself as she hoisted her backpack up a […]

Q Tube – Part I

The tube carriage was of comfortable capacity: those standing were doing so by choice. Q always wondered why people preferred to stand when there were seats available, a little rest never hurt anybody as far as she was concerned. Quite frankly, she deserved one after spending ages trying to grasp this whole travelling system they use […]

Q: Alone Again

Q was raging. She couldn’t believe it. Actually, yes she could. Of course they would. It didn’t surprise her that they were being so foolish. As she stormed off into the street, all she could think about was the way they all ganged up on her like that. It was going so well ! If […]

Short Story: Introducing Q

Q was standing in the corridor. She stared up at what they call a ‘clock’ to confirm what she already knew. It was midday. She was just on time. Q did well to look like a student; from the ripped jeans, to the edgy choker, to the white low-tops. She was also wearing a backpack […]

NEWTS #9: The Q Series

Starting this blog has really sparked my love of writing. I used to write a bit in middle school, then completely abandoned it for years and now I am so happy that I’m back at it ! So this week’s TSN will be starting up a little section in this blog, where I will be writing […]