NEWTS #3: Independent at an Independent

Okay, I decided to take it easy this week too with my challenge, but I promise they will get more ‘challenging’ as I go on. Summer makes me lazy okay.

This week, I decided to go to the cinema on my own. That’s something I’ve never done, although I have watched movies on my own before. I also decided to try out an independent cinema nearby that I’ve been wanting to go to since I spotted it 3 years ago. 2 birds with one stone and all that. So I looked up the cinema timetable and found some titles I liked, watched some trailers, changed my mind about some of them, narrowed it down by taking into account date and time, and voila: I settled on Arrietty. (I struggled to pick between Arrietty and Princess Mononoke, but Arrietty won because it was on earlier. Don’t fret though, Princess Mononoke is on my list!).


So I’d never been much into anime until I became friends with someone who was. We watched Death Note together and the odd movie, which I loved. I really like the storylines because I find them quite quirky and original. Arrietty is rated U so I half expected to be the oldest one at the cinema. Nevertheless, as I walked in (right on time, may I add), there was already a middle aged man in the front row. I picked a seat near the back and right in the centre of the row. I was curious to see who else was coming to see it. A mother and toddler, a young girl who brought a book to read during the trailers (I like that!), an elderly man (who decided to sit 2 seats away from me in a practically empty cinema…. 👌🏾) and a group of giggly girls. I got comfy in my seat and tried my best not to choke on my too-peppery-homemade popcorn.

The film was beautiful. I know it’s animated, so the scenery wasn’t real, but it was still pretty to look at. It reminded me a bit of thumbelina. I really would recommend it. It’s easy to watch. Some parts of the story were not explained however. At the end of the film I felt that it hadn’t really wrapped up, if you know what I mean. I can focus on the positive here, in that I can create my own explanations. So I made up my own ending on the journey home. I won’t write it down (spoilers), but I’ll hint to the fact that I prefer realistic over happy endings.

Overall, I found the experience of going to the cinema alone quite hassle-free and efficient. It was even quite relaxing (bar getting lost on the way and not knowing whether I would miss the beginning of the film). There were quite a few people on their own too, so it doesn’t feel that weird !

Some lovely geese were waiting for me after the film to congratulate me on completing my TNS (‘try something new’) this week.


P.S. You are welcome to drop me a message if you have seen it and really would like to know what ending/explanation I came up with. I will try not to forget it.