NEWTS #5: Canoeing

Yes, canoeing. I told you my challenges would get more interesting. I went all out this week and decided to make the most of my time in Norwich by going canoeing.

The swans who now hate me.

I went with my cousins, sisters and friends. The six of us got into pairs, hiring out three canoes overall. I was a little nervous getting into the boat because it was wobblier than I would have liked. The guy helping us in was friendly though, and reassured me.

The scenery from the river we were canoeing along was beautiful. It was so serene and the colours were so natural. Canoeing is fun but also very tiring on the arms. I had to take a break every few strokes with the ore.

So peaceful. I creeped myself out when I tried to look deeply into the water though. Water plants are disturbing.

We nearly crashed into boats, we went through an insect-infested bush and we nearly toppled over in our canoe. We also canoed right into a massive flock of swans as we raced back (not sure if flock is the right word here, but google failed me. So blame google, not me). That wasn’t terrifying at all for me, sitting in the front…

I don’t have much else to say about this experience, apart from the fact that I would do it again. I would maybe however pick a different partner to pair up with as most of the above was due to him.