Abstract thoughts/poetry/written spoken word/whatever you want to call it.

Abstract thoughts..


The trouble with being weak and asking for support is that they label you as weak. Ignoring the fact that it is your strength that has brought you this far. Olive

What just happened?

Where do I even begin? I can’t begin. I don’t want to begin. Because beginning this signifies the end. The end of us. It hurts to even write “us” now. What have you done? What have I done? … What have we done? We killed it. I can’t decide whether we suffocated it until its…

Today’s Reflection

I am currently attending a training course in order to work in the health sector. Today, we covered the topic ‘Abuse’. At the end of the day, we were each given a blank piece of A4 paper and 5 minutes to write down any thoughts we had about today. These were mine: Emotional. Sad. Made…

unwanted visitors

You have a couple of unwanted visitors come to stay. You don’t know how long; it’s not up to you. They come and go as they please. They bring out the worst in you. They suppress the best. No more smiles, productivity or confidence. All replaced by shame, guilt and low self-esteem. They impact your…